Opening a beer garden? Or a biergarten? Great. I love beer gardens. But if you name your biergarten Wolfslair... then you deserve to go out of business. Because—for fuck's sake.


I wouldn't let anyone who had anything to do with designing or approving that sign get anywhere near me with a tattoo needle.


Vera Vague? Who the heck is/was that? Thanks, Wikipedia...

Barbara Jo Allen (September 2, 1906 – September 14, 1974) was an actress also known as Vera Vague, the spinster character she created and portrayed on radio and in films during the 1940s and 1950s. She based the character on a woman she had seen delivering a PTA literature lecture in a confused manner. As Vague, she popularized the catch phrase "You dear boy!"

It's sad that Vera's catchphrase has fallen into disuse. Perhaps we should revive it on Slog?