Have you ever seen someone carry an egg with a forklift and drop it in a frying pan? No? Well, The Forklift Rodeo in Kent this past weekend had egg dropping and more. Drivers drove forklifts through a timed obstacle course while completing various tasks. Points were deducted if tennis balls were knocked off course markers. It was humans maneuvering machines competing in a ballet of power and precision. In the Scrambled Egg Event, competitors carried an egg in a wooden spoon attached to the front of the forklift and tried to drop it in a frying pan. Drivers jiggled controls, but had no exact aim. Not many eggs made it into the pan. For the Basketball Shot, a driver who successfully got the ball through the hoop said getting enough height was key. Two types of forklifts were driven—the Hyster and Linde models. This was a qualifying event. The top eight finishers moved onto the regionals that take place in August. Stay tuned for in-depth Forklift Rodeo coverage. Here is one minute and twenty-four seconds of video, with a shot of the egg event in slow motion: