The Crap: Band names are stupid anyway.
  • Keith Johnson
  • The Crap: Band names are stupid anyway.

Attention, audible world. Seattle has a new punk band you need to hear called the Crap: a trio featuring members of the Spits, the Briefs, and Strap Straps—Josh Kramer on guitar/vocals, Stevie Kicks Poulin on bass/vocals, Wayne Draves on drums. What you see with the Crap is what you get, and what you get makes you want more. Straight-ahead, premium, wack-free punk rock. Draves's drums are just kick, snare, hi-hat, and crash, while vocals call and ring with odes to Joey. When it's the time of the evening to slip into something more comfortable, the Crap slip into something more comfortable, and it's a 1987 IROC-Z28 T-Top. And this baby's got some zip. The songs are well-oiled and extremely polished metallic blue. For that little something extra, the Crap have all you could hope for under the hood. Double roller chain, Flowmasters 80 Series muffler, and a really nice-looking whale tail. Josh Kramer spoke, pouring ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon out of the tap at Shorty's in Belltown.

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