(Barboza) Cooing odes to grilled cheese, crushes who share a love for poop jokes, and wishing cats could fly, Cherry Glazerr frontwoman Clementine Creevy creates dreamy pop songs with delightfully bizarre lyrics that feel ripped from Trapper Keepers. And they probably are: Two-thirds of the LA group still aren't old enough to get tattooed without parental approval. Cherry Glazerr's full-length debut, Haxel Princess, is filled with songs for fuzzed-out SoCal days by the pool spent strung out on Haribo candy or sunburned sipping a slushy and trying to bum a ride to the mall. The reverb-drenched guitar crawls creepily around Creevy's versatile voice, which can reach Kate Bush heights as easily as it can drop into a too-cool-for-school bored sing-speak as she points out that "Rob Kardashian's a tool" on "Teenage Girl," which was recently used in a Saint Laurent campaign. Put on your heart-shaped sunglasses and prepare to fuzz out into a shoegaze teenage dream tonight.
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