Working Washington, the labor-backed group that helped push for Seattle's $15 minimum wage law, says it has caught a signature gatherer giving out false information about a new referendum effort that seeks to repeal the city's historic wage hike.

In the above audio recordings, a man who Working Washington says was out signature-gathering recently for the repeal-$15 effort can be heard telling a voter that by signing to get a repeal vote on the ballot, the voter will be helping to raise the minimum wage (and that the city council hasn't yet voted on the matter, and that a $15 minimum wage hasn't been legalized in Seattle yet).

In fact, the city council voted unanimously to raise Seattle's minimum wage to $15 earlier this month, Mayor Ed Murray signed the legislation into law, and—unless it's repealed through this signature gathering effort—the new law will take effect in April of next year.

Working Washington says this isn't the only instance it has catalogued of repeal-$15 signature gatherers misleading voters, and calls all of this "abhorrent." Forward Seattle, the business-leader-backed group behind the signature gathering effort, did not respond to requests for comment on Working Washington's recordings.