MARC DOMBROSKY At Platform Gallery.
  • Courtesy of the artist and Platform Gallery
  • MARC DOMBROSKY At Platform Gallery.

Summers mean the rain stops but it rains art. Group shows. Smatters and small bites and whatnot.

But first, the few chunky solo exceptions. Marc Dombrosky, at Platform, is showing an installation of gathered objects, some personal and some found (like the barnacle-blinded sunglasses above, discovered on a Florida beach), and embroidered found scraps. The voices are unrelated but, here, come together to propose multiple routes through imagined stories, based on real lives only glimpsed in these fragments. It may be the valet key to the Camry. I hope we can still be friends when all this is over.

Greg Kucera Gallery has a galleryful of John Buck's prints and beyond-elaborate motorized wood carvings. In the back, Ross Palmer Beecher gets a spotlight. Beecher's quilts are made of Hot Wheel cars, license plates, tin, wire, spray cans, and paint tubes.

Klara Glosova is still at Bryan Ohno, and I still highly recommend. At James Harris is the artist who has this week's Stranger cover.

At Soil, there's an interesting-looking collaboration between two artists in the front space, and a small solo in the back. The collaboration is between Pete Fleming of Seattle and Oslo's Richard Alexandersson. Their installation is video and mixed media, and a discussion is scheduled Saturday at noon with two other interesting Seattle artists that I keep meaning to interview (Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas). Tuan Nguyen, based in St. Louis, is the artist who has the back space. The Guggenheim posted a good interview with him when the museum acquired his 2012 work Enemy's Enemy: Monument to a Monument.

  • Courtesy of the artist

This month we "meet" the User Profile of the newly opened Hall/Spassov Gallery, occupying the space where Grover/Thurston used to be (sigh). The artists are all over the place: abstraction (Robert Chapman, Suhas Bhujbal) to exaggerated figuration (Gretchen Gammell) to hyperphotorealism satirizing hyperphotorealism (Jeff Peters). See the parade. (Hall/Spassov also has a Bellevue branch.)

Before I forget! G. Gibson has a solid group of artists new to the gallery but not new to audiences, including Samantha Scherer, Susanna Bluhm, Linda Davidson, and Mary Iverson. Plus more...

MARY IVERSON At G. Gibson Gallery. (This is LACMA, or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, going under.)
  • Courtesy of the artist and G. Gibson Gallery
  • MARY IVERSON At G. Gibson Gallery. (This is LACMA, or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, going under.)