In a piece headlined "The Case for Mitt Romney in 2016" (with the kicker "I’m absolutely serious"), former George W. Bush staffer Emil Henry explains why Mitt Romney should run for president again. Primarily, it's because Henry says Romney resembles Richard Nixon:

First, consider the similarities in their 1960 and 2012 presidential contests. Romney and Nixon were both mighty warriors, but they still lacked the natural ease of the best retail politicians. In person, they were warm, charming— even gentle. But on television it was different. When they debated their cool and telegenic opponents, they sometimes appeared square and old-fashioned in comparison. They just didn’t connect the way successful presidential aspirants typically do.

Henry conveniently forgets that the Kennedy/Nixon election in 1960 was impossibly close, ending with Kennedy winning 49.7 percent of the vote to Nixon's 49.6 percent. Nixon won more states than Kennedy, and the electoral college was fairly close, too. Lots of Americans thought Kennedy stole the election, which means the best analogy to Nixon in modern politics is Al Gore, not Mitt Romney. But Romney lost fairly decisively, 51.1 percent to 47.2 percent, with the electoral college turning out in a big way for Obama. Romney didn't make any serious inroads into blue states; he basically just held the line on states that John McCain won four years before. There's nothing there, besides some vague good feelings among Republicans, to indicate that a Romney presidential run would do any better a third time around.

But by all means, conservatives, please do continue with this Draft Mitt campaign. This continued lack of faith in your bench of 2016 candidates is heartening to see.