More Good Economic News: Lots of jobs added, unemployment falls to lowest levels since the 1990s, and the Dow hits 17,000—but wages still stagnant, so the "good news" will make "fuck all" difference to "most Americans."

The Forever War: Clashes continue after revenge killing of Palestinian boy—militants in Gaza fire rockets into Israel, Israel masses troops at Gaza border.

Got Some Time? Two great longread reactions to the Hobby Lobby decision: Martha Plimpton's "Freedom Whore: Abortion, Shame, And the Right to Deny Me My Rights" and Joan Walsh's "GOP’s Culture War Disaster: How This Week Highlighted a Massive Blind Spot."

Rick Warren Has Gay Friends: But he doesn't want any gay employees. For those of you just tuning in: Pastor Rick Warren is a hateful liar whose alleged gay friends don't exist—unlike Rick's hateful bullshit, which is all too real.

That Blows: Hurricane Arthur is headed for North Carolina—vacationers being evacuated now, gays to be blamed later.

The 25 Cities No One Wants to Live In: Spokane doesn't make the list—unpossible!

Bristol Palin: Please shut up.

Double Murder Suspect: The man believed to have murdered two gay men in Seattle on June 1 has been spotted—robbing people in New Jersey.

New National Minimum Wage: Workers now guaranteed $11.60 an hour—in Germany. (Forward Seattle has not returned calls for comment.)