I'm really getting fed up with the continual stream of tiny bits of "news" about nerdy movies that circulates the internet these days. I know this sort of thing isn't new—I've seen magazine articles teasing Return of the Jedi from the 1980s—but there is a whole culture of blogs out there ready to comment on each of these new table-scraps, with a horde of people in the comments pronouncing judgment on an entire movie based on one element of the production design. It's a weird economy based on press releases, and it's getting tiring.

That said, I love how the producers of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice chose the day before the 4th of July to release their first official image of Superman from their movie, and that the image ignores every ideal the comic book Superman used to be built on—patriotism, optimism, hope. Beyond casting details, I don't know anything about this movie. For all I know, it could end with a bright and shiny Superman reviving a cynical world's belief in truth, justice, and the American Way. (Based on the first movie in this series, I would be very surprised if that was the case, but it's still a possibility.) But would it have killed them to release an image that didn't involve Superman posing dourly in the rain? Does everything have to look badass? I realize that this makes me sound like Andy Rooney, but this character means a lot to me. I learned how to read on Superman comics when I was a kid. If I was a parent now, I wouldn't let my kid within five blocks of this brooding creep.