You will not be able to buy these.

Weird how it's finally happening, huh? In case you've lost consciousness at some point during this many-years-long process leading up to Tuesday, Bob Young over at the Seattle Times has a handy FAQ. It begins:

Q: What took so long?

A: The short version: The state created something untested on the planet. (No, not even Amsterdam regulates commercial production as Washington does.) It did this looking over its shoulder at the feds and their prohibition of all marijuana. It did this by bringing outlaws, profiteers and opportunists into legal commerce with strict rules and stiff taxes. It did this with public input and a relatively open process. And it did this being mindful of the impact on children.

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Other questions answered: "Can I bring family members if they’re not buying?" "Can I sample products in stores?" and "Can I buy plants?" (Yes, no, no.)

We will be covering Tuesday's first pot sales on Slog like crazy, as you can imagine.

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