From Taylor Soper over at GeekWire:

The Seattle City Council today voted 6-3 to repeal an ordinance that capped the number of active UberX, Lyft and Sidecar drivers at 150 each—setting the stage to act on a new set of regulations based on an agreement brokered by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

The council will convene again next Monday to discuss and potentially approve the new agreement, which will legalize the San Francisco-based startups—also known as transportation network companies (TNCs)—while enforcing insurance requirements and adding new taxi licenses.

Three councilmembers—Mike O’Brien, Kshama Sawant, and Nick Licata—voted to hold off on the repeal.

As you'll recall: After the TNCs managed to get enough voter signatures for a referendum on the more restrictive ordinance the council originally passed, Mayor Ed Murray convened a committee that included representatives from the TNC and taxi industries to work this shit out. That committee hashed out a new compromise deal that did not have any caps on the number of TNC drivers, and it's a version of that compromise that the council is set to vote on next Monday. It's an agreement most people seem to be grudgingly happy with. (O'Brien, Sawant, and Licata voted against the repeal because a King County judge is set to rule soon on lawsuit regarding the TNC's referendum.)

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