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Cannabis City—aka Seattle's first pot store! THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!—opens tomorrow at Fourth Avenue South and Lander in Sodo. Lots has already been said about this historic moment, but what you want to know is: Where should I eat after I buy my newly-legal-pot-store marijuana? (Before you go home and legally enjoy it there, of course—not after you surreptitiously spark a bowl on the street and proceed to a nicely stoned, celebratory lunch, for that would be technically illegal.)

Here is where to go have lunch after your historical purchase, friends! If you're walking or biking, stay hydrated—the blocks in Sodo are long, and it's going to be hot out there (for Seattle).

1. Cafe Con Leche: This weird-in-a-legitimately-Cuban-way Cuban place has good pressed sandwiches, and the weirdness of it seems exactly right for this circumstance—things move slowly at Cafe Con Leche, and no one's going to freak you out, and you can wander back and explore the huge, dim, weird room of Club Sur. Good luck finding the bathrooms! (Hint: north-west corner of giant dim Club Sur). I wrote more about this place a couple summers ago, so here, read it!

2. Gastropod: This is a tiny, totally casual brewpub for Epic Ales, with food made by super-cute chef Travis Kukull. The not-all-that-small plates are, in general, goddamned great, and also a really good value: If you're lucky, they will have cool, refreshing watermelon gazpacho served with roasted corn salsa ($6). And the Epic beers are interesting and generally wonderful (and also inexpensive) too: Epic's Partytime tastes like lemons and fun, and the Tart Miso, made with actual miso, tastes like champagne and grapefruit (venture into the weirder beers, made with mushrooms and such, only if you are mentally prepared). Also, Gastropod's logo has a cute snail. Gastropod rules. i reviewed when it opened—here are Eight Reasons to Love Gastropod!

3. Pecos Pit BBQ: As with all barbecue joints in Seattle, some people love it, some people hate it. If you are coming from our city's first legal pot store and you like barbecue, I'm just going to guess that you'll probably love it.

4. Pho Cyclo: This pho/Vietnamese standby (there's also one on Broadway with amazing murals) is a good choice for your pot-store mission for the cold rice noodle bowls—with pork, shrimp, and/or other savory goodies on top, they're great summertime food and also full of different flavors and textures... whoa, man.

5. Zinnia Bistro: This little lunch place looks like a warehouse from the outside, but inside there's handmade marble tables, fresh flowers, and sandwiches that people love, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for you goddamn hippies.

6. By’s: It's ain't gourmet, but people say that the burgers, fish 'n' chips, and onion rings are quite tasty at this Seattle drive-in classic.

And for those of us who relish an occasional trip to America's Number One Chain Diner, there's the Sodo Denny’s... and I insist that you read this article by David Schmader about the time they served free breakfast there.

Congratulations to us all, and bon appetite!

UPDATE! Commenters have brought two unforgivable oversights to my attention:

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A.) Sodo Deli: Commenter jevo says: "Harsh. You forgot SODO Deli, right across the street from Gastropod. Huge, awesome sandwiches, sodas, beer." It is also recommended in The Stranger's own listings. Dude, sorry.

B.) Krispy Kreme: Yes, duh, of course—thank you, Mike Serrano on Facebook.