Amanda Marcotte: Punked Then, Punked Now


if Dems have the sense to pull it all together

Can I have a pony while we're at it?

Paging Will Rogers. Mr. Rogers to the white courtesy phone, please.
Young unmarried women will remember and will come out...unfortuantely, it might not be enough.

"Conservatives" will be spewing as much as ever, without necessarily being baited: right now they're busy falling over themselves to "speak truth to power" and remain convinced the public will come around to support a "true conservative".
"If Dems have the sense to pull it all together". HaHAAAHa. When did that ever happen? When have the Dems ever acted in concert on an issue that might gain votes for themselves and reduce votes for Republicans? There's never been a cat-herder who could get them to coalesce, and probably never will be. Progressive voters have to make the decision on their own -- the Democrats won't be giving them any help.
As long as a nation of 300+million people remain "represented" by only TWO allegedly ideologically-opposed parties, and not a much more reasonable 7-12 parties, then this sort of insane Us VS Them extremist thinking and vociferous hatred of "the other side" will only continue.

Much to our mutual loss.
Check out the conservative howwwwwwwwwwwls on Amanda's blog:…

You punked 'em good, Obama.
Ok you're gonna have to forgive me on this one. I'm Gay and well disinterested in vaginas. So I'm a bit confused on why Republican males are obsessed with controlling them. But whatever.

That said, I really don't understand why Republican woman aren't outraged at Government control over their vaginas. Is there a Republican woman out there in Slogland that can explain to me why she wants Lyndsey Graham in her Vagina?
Depends how much you identify as a woman, with the same concerns and frailties as other women, vs. how much you identify as a special snowflake Job Creator.