Look, you probably owned a Limp Bizkit CD. Maybe you were thirteen and your ears were blinded by hormones and angst; or maybe your little brother's friend left a copy in the backseat of your Corolla, so you just held on to it in case he wanted it back, but then you accidentally listened to it a thousand times and bought a red Yankees hat. Or maybe—actually those are the only two possibilities, but it's okay! Just put it behind you. Accept your Limp Bizkit-pocked past and instead focus your energy on better, more wholesome things… like this short film that Fred Durst just released. It's pretty fantastic. In it, Bizkit's enduring, trend-blending, 43-year-old rap-rock Mount Rushmore-ian Durst plays an evangelical preacher (ingeniously named Evan Jealous), who hits people with chairs in order to show them The Truth. In addition, Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland plays an excellent romance-novel fan named Kevin. You're welcome.