(Neumos) Those who follow Seattle’s rap scene must at some point reckon with the Moor Gang. This foul-tempered, potty-mouthed crew represent the yang to Macklemore’s yin: proudly ignorant yet whip-smart, with a propensity for grandiose shit talk and beats like Gothic cathedrals, huge and gorgeous and vaguely terrifying. Avatar Darko, along with Nacho Picasso, represents the Moor Gang aesthetic at its most distilled and visceral. This kid isn’t shy about calling your girlfriend a ho, bragging about his Kalashnikov rifle (Darko's Russian-born), or showing off his gnarly grill in videos. And herein lies the rub. Can we respect the dude's hustle and flow while also condemning his casual misogyny and id-stroking persona? Can we ask for greater lyrical depth from a guy who is clearly capable of it, yet remains content to rap about girls sucking him off like vampires? These are some questions to grapple with; for now, sip lean, smoke a bean, and rock to this, 'cause it bangs. KYLE FLECK
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With remixing credits involving the likes of house-music royalty like Green Velvet and Booka Shade, Stockholm/Washington, DC, duo Pleasurekraft have vaulted into a lofty stratum of dance-music culture in the span of only a few years. Their own productions possess a slap-happy-go-lucky, quirky funkiness that recalls some of the fantastic roster of Germany's Perlon label. Expect a lot of ridiculously loose-limbed moves on the floor at Q tonight. With Studio 4/4 resident Sean Majors and Harvard Bass. Q Nightclub, 10 pm, $10, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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It’s no surprise that many members of the Chop Suey staff are also talented musicians. The late-night service industry gigs go hand in hand with on-again-off-again tour schedules. Much like Pagliacci’s Pizza, which has hosted similar events, Chop Suey proudly presents Hisato Fest, an eclectic array of everything from funk group Irukandji Physics of Fusion to power metallers Skelator, all featuring at least one member who works at Chop Suey in some capacity. This also happens to be Chop Suey general manager Hisato Kawaminami’s birthday party, so you know it’s going to be one hell of a rager. It’s also free. KEVIN DIERS
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