I reported a bit ago on Senator Patty Murray's proposed bill that would reverse some of the awfulness of the Hobby Lobby ruling by saying, simply, that for-profit corporations can't deny health care benefits to their employees. It's being called the Not My Boss's Business Act.

I took a few quick seconds to talk with Murray after her press conference, partly to ask what people who are steaming mad/totally despondent over the court's ruling should do about it, and she has something to say: We've got to fight back. Here's a portion of that chat:

So how do you fight back? There are some concrete things you can do right now:

(1) TELL YOUR CONGRESS MEMBERS YOU SUPPORT THIS. Bills need public support to gain traction. And given how universal the use of birth control and contraception are, this bill likely has popular support—but you've gotta prove it. Tell your senators and representatives that they need to support the Not My Boss's Business Act. Once you do that, tell your friends, family, and social networks, to do the same. Fill their offices with stacks of letters, e-mails, and petitions from voters so that congress members know you're out there if they're not supportive, and so they can use your voices as ammunition for the cause if they are. Yes, this bill is unlikely to pass the House, but it needs to be a real fight, regardless.

(2) LOOK AT THE STATE LEVEL, TOO. Here in Washington State, it's also important that we take back the state senate so we don't lose ground on women's access to health care here at the state level. Support these key campaigns. (US Representative DelBene, who Murray name-checked as a supporter of this bill in the US House, is also up for reelection this year.)

(3) DONATE TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD. You can always donate to Planned Parenthood to support reproductive health care coverage—they've been providing free and low-cost contraception for years.

(4) BLOW OFF STEAM. When it's time for jokes, here's a list of the most creative protests against the Hobby Lobby ruling. (Knit a uterus! Make the stamp display read "pro-choice"!)