This weekend pop punk criminals Masked Intruder are in town—they're playing El Corazon tomorrow night—so I asked them to make a crime-ridden playlist exclusively for Slog! The band chose some of their favorite songs about breaking the law, including MIA, Judas Priest, and the Misfits—it's the perfect soundtrack for an evening of running around town trying to steal hearts and car stereos.

Worth noting, "Job" by Nubs and "No One Likes a Snitch" by Head were also on their list, but Spotify doesn't have them. SAD FACE.

Lead singer Blue was also nice enough to answer a few questions about the playlist and the band's main interests, girls and crime.

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Can you pick a couple favorite songs from the list and tell me why you chose them?

MIA - "Paper Planes"
I like this song cause when I first heard it, I was like “Ummm… What?” Then I was like “Whoa! Cool!” This girl just keeps talking about trains and robbing people. We respect people with hobbies. The juxtaposition of the innocent sounding voice and the tough, robber posturing is just hard not to enjoy.

Teenage Bottlerocket - "Repeat Offender"
We feel like, if TBR hadn’t written this song, we would have. It’s a great, hooky song with funny lyrics and a simple, sweet guitar lead to send it home. What’s not to like?

Judas Priest - "Breaking the Law"
Pretty sure I was introduced to this song through Beavis and Butthead. Anyways, Priest is awesome. And, so is breaking the law.

Which is harder to steal and why: A crush's heart or a car stereo from a BMW with the notoriously difficult fancy double locking mechanism?

A heart is without a doubt the hardest thing to steal. Pretty much everything else is easy to steal by comparison. Haven’t tried to grab one of those stereos with the double locking mechanism yet, but I would have to say that, even if it’s impossible to get the stereo out, we could always just take the car. So, you know, no big deal. Allegedly, I mean.

You've toured the US, Europe, and Australia—which country has the best criminal justice system?

The less criminal justice system the better, in our opinion. At least for victimless crimes, like stealing. I’m not sure which place had the least cops… maybe Australia? Australia is kind of a "live, let live" type place, so I’d probably go with it. I heard it was kinda founded by criminals, which is pretty cool. Plus, the ladies there are beautiful. Then again, ladies are beautiful all over the world.

Related: Who has the nicest (or meanest) cops?

America definitely has the meanest cops. Like, by far. There’s this thing called police brutality, and it isn’t a dream; it’s a nightmare. I mean, just imagine getting your ass whipped by a bunch of big, mustachioed jerks, knowing that you stand no chance, cause there are just too many of them. If you managed to cook one of them up good, they just call two more, and then they cook you up even better. Or worse, I guess. Point is, it’s terrible. It’s basically just like dealing with bullies in grade school. People tell you to stand up to them, and they’ll leave you alone, but that’s not true. All standing up to them does is piss them off and give them a reason to try to teach you a lesson. Consciousness about the problem of bullying seems to be increasing, though, so hopefully that will lead to less people signing up to be cops.

I see you put "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" on your playlist. Love and crime in one song! Are there any bands out there who'd be the ideal Bonnie to Masked Intruder's Clyde?

Love and crime go together like Hall and Oates! I’m not sure who the Bonnie to our Clyde would be, exactly, but we have always had a crush on The Donnas, so, maybe them? Yeah, that would be cool! If you have any contact info for them, let us know!

Masked Intruder play El Corazon on July 13th with the Dwarves, the Queers, and Atom Age. Tickets are available here.