(Crocodile) For about a decade, Olympia’s Wolves in the Throne Room have been steadily churning out a particularly potent strain of black metal that makes equal room for atmospheric richness and growling, distortion-laced rave-ups. However, “Celestite Mirror,” the first single from their new album Celestite, portends a different and equally rewarding direction for the band. It comes off as a 4AD-goth-indebted organ and synth dirge, heavy as hell without needing to scream it in your face, only dropping in giant slabs of those familiar fuzz-bomb guitars near the end of its nearly 15-minute runtime. Have WITTR gone soft? Not in the slightest; they’ve realized the power of tension and release like never before, crafting a dystopian epic in the process. With Nommo Ogo and Heiress.
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