Dive bars all over the city are dying left and right. The 2 Bit, via Facebook:

The 2 Bit will officially be closing September 20th, 2014. We started with a benefit and we will be ending with a benefit for suicide prevention. Additionally we will be switching to CASH ONLY as of today, and FYI the ATM is up and running. Once again, thank you for all of your support, and I love you all.

THIS SUCKS. What bars are left, that would even consider hosting a #FreeTheNipple style wet t-shirt contest?

KEXP DJ, current 2 Bit (and former Funhouse) booker Brian Foss also spoke briefly, “I'm continuing to work on finding a new location for the Funhouse to reopen in, plus continuing to book shows at The Highline. Pizzafest will return!"

I also heard a rumor that the Streamline Tavern, in lower Queen Anne, is closing. THIS WOULD ALSO SUCK.