So Much Fighting in Gaza: On this seventh day of Israeli attacks, 20,000 people are now said to have fled.

Citigroup Becomes the Second Bank to Settle With the US Government: It will pay less than JP Morgan Chase; its mortgage settlement is $7 billion. Bank of America is next to be decided.

And Here's More Bad Behavior in Debt Companies: Are you getting screwed by student loan settlements?

Attack on "Brothels" in Middle-Class Baghdad Neighborhood: Iraqi police say Shia militiamen killed 28 women, ages 16 to 34, and 6 men on Saturday night. Witnesses told police they heard nothing, according to CNN.

Malala Asks the Nigerian President to Please: Bring back our girls.

Jails Are Not Nice Places: At the country's second-largest jail, "Brutal attacks by correction officers on inmates — particularly those with mental health issues — are common occurrences," according to a four-month investigation by the New York Times on Rikers.

We Don't See It As "Commercially Reasonable": Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Netflix weigh in for net neutrality as the FCC considers the future of the Internet.

Raising the Wreck: The luxury cruise ship that's been resting on an underwater platform for a year, after crashing two and a half years ago, comes like the rising dead up to the surface. With its cleanup price tag of $1.5 billion Euros. It had been doing "a display manoeuvre" when it killed 32 people off the coast of Italy.

"She's not blonde, nor is she in the demographic": 53-year-old African American vet reporter Pam Oliver is being pushed out by Fox.

Nadine Gordimer, 90: The novelist whose apartheid books were banned in South Africa, and who won the Nobel Prize in 1991 for them, has died. Here's a 2012 New Yorker podcast of Tessa Hadley reading Gordimer's "City Lovers."

What Has YOUR Vagina Done Today?: Well, have you measured?

Good Job, Brazil: Putin's up next, folks.

The Bizarre Story of the Tea Party Suicide in Mississippi: Mark Mayfield, breaking into a nursing home, and politics.

You May Have to Wait for Your Sapphiric Device: iPhone 6 could be late. Also, China's waging a PR war on Apple.

The Cheerful Japanese Vagina Artist: Is arrested for her vaginas.

Here's an intro to her dangerous, dangerous art. Welcome to the week, Slog!