• Louis Jacinto

I fell in love with Belinda Carlisle when I was 19 years old—I remember the moment perfectly. When I was a kid, I always liked her just fine. I knew who the Go-Go's were and I loved their song "Vacation" (because it's the best song ever written, duh). My parents kept Carlisle's solo tape Heaven on Earth in the car, so I happily listened to "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" and "Circle in the Sand" a bajillion times, and Carlisle looked so glamorous, lounging across the album's cover.

But aside from your average childhood adoration, Carlisle and the Go-Go's were replaceable pop acts to me; I also really liked New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, and Janet Jackson. At that age, I didn't care who was singing the songs—my only requirement was that the singer had to be a woman I wanted to be or a boy I wanted to kiss (Joey Joe 4-ever).

Then I became an angst-filled teenager and discovered punk music...

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