Thunderpussy hurts so good.
  • Zoe Rain
  • Thunderpussy hurts so good.

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We're finally wrapped in the fur of summer's swelter, and a luscious clatter rises with the heat off the road. Is it Foghat with Nancy Sinatra singing, or is it AC/DC? Is it Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold"? Also, something smells sweet, like nectar. Let's land on that smooth pad with fanged teeth and check it out. We take a couple steps, then WHAP, teeth shut all around, locking us in. What is this? This is Thunderpussy, the Seattle rock band, and their Venus flytrap is sprung. It's Molly Sides on the mic, Whitney "Sweaty" Petty (the Grizzled Mighty) on guitar and whip, Leah Julius on bass, and Lena Simon (Kairos, La Luz) on drums—together they perform period pieces, and their period is straight-up, trigger-pulling rock 'n' roll. Live, Thunderpussy strut, flaunt, stride, and stake a bootheel claim at the crossroads. They tie you to a stool there and whip the piccolo flute right out of your mouth. Sides wields poses and high-heat vocals in a hell-cat mash-up of Patsy Cline and Paul Stanley. Thunderpussy granted me this interview based on one condition: that I get waxed. So they took me to a place near South Center and ordered me a male Brazilian (I think) called the Banana Split. It was a Weedwacker/hot-glue/duct-tape combo to the groin area and upper back. Afterward, they took me to a bedroom and poured me a glass of cold, fresh milk.

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