Apples! Finally convenient!
  • Megan Seling
  • Apples! Finally convenient!
I don't want to make a habit of publicly complaining about product packaging, but what the fuck is this? They're called "Rockit" apples and they claim to be "Your daily fruit blast." (That's funny because "fruit blast" is what I call the inevitable diarrhea that follows my annual Rainier cherry binge.)

The packaging says:

Rockit - the new taste sensation packs more punch. Blast off with the fully flavoured bite-sized healthy snack that's taking the planet by storm.


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Grown on sun drenched orchards, Rockit is a natural taste sensation packed full of nutrition. Rockit is conveniently packaged in a recyclable tube which fits in a school bag, car cup holder, baby buggy cup holder or on your desk to enjoy.

You know what else fits in bags and on desks? Regular fucking apples that don't come in plastic tubes. But how about it, Slog? Does this smaller size and fancy tube make apples more convenient and/or appealing?

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