What Are You Doing This Weekend? Here Are Suggestions From Our Critics


"Urban Development without Economic Growth"
THAT I want to hear.
So nobody is doing Bite?


If you go to Bite, please check out the rock stylings of Kent band "Destination Unknown" !


Slog's commenting system is a turd.

This is an all-Spurs weekend. Today I met the great Ledley King, my cartilage-free captain, and Kasey Keller, and watched Tottenham run some drills at CenturyLink. Tonight, I'm supposed to be at the George, but I am too lame. Tomorrow, though, I'm going to be at Fado at 8:00 AM to get properly tanked up for the March to the Match at 11-ish. Match at 1:00, Tottenham Hotspur playing in my own city, my heart is melted.

Mrs. Fnarf's mileage may differ.
Speaking of Pad Pushers, is there a Seattle Elektron usergroup?
Burning Beast? Putting tons of CO2 into the air for no reason? Obviously no environmentalists participating in this unfortunate event.
or Cheech & Chong with WAR at Marymoore
Would love to hear Mudede elaborate on Molotch's growth machine thesis and the role therein of The Stranger and their neo-liberal pro-development rantings.

Perhaps best explained as the repetition of urbanist folklore by naive stoned kids...