Kathleen took this selfie while answering questions.
  • Kathleen was forced to take this selfie while answering questions.

You've been The Stranger's managing editor for two weeks. What do you make of Seattle?
Everything about Seattle is like living in the 90s. In a good way. There's actual mom-and-pop record stores. A lot of them. And instrument shops. And camera stores. It's like the internet never existed. Which is totally awesome. And everyone has funky haircuts and cat-eye glasses and vintage clothing.

You're from the Bay Area. Surely everyone in the Bay Area has funky haircuts and cat-eye glasses and vintage clothing.
Not to the degree that you find here. So far at least from what I've seen, the population of tech bros is way smaller than it is in the Bay Area. I think there's an ease, a more relaxed way of life here, that allows people to fully embrace their weirdness. Whereas in the Bay Area there's more anxiety about it, more pressure to be modern or something—everyone's got to be five steps ahead of everyone else.

What was your job down in the Bay Area?
I was the co-editor of the East Bay Express.

That's like The Stranger of Oakland?
Yes, but way more earnest.

Are you here to bring earnestness to The Stranger?
I love and respect what The Stranger does. But I will continue to be me.

What kinds of things do you like to write about?
All kinds of things. I like to find the weird degenerates of society and write about them.

So, metal musicians?
I am a metalhead. I do hang out with musicians probably way too much. But my last stories for the Express were about hunting and Lake Merritt.

So what do you do as managing editor of The Stranger?
I make sure the trains run on time. I'm air traffic controller.

What did you do with Bethany?
I think Bethany was tired of making the trains run on time, so she's retired to the much more glamorous position of arts editor.

You've only lived in Seattle for two weeks. What have you been up to on your weekends?
I've gone on some hikes. I saw some music. I've eaten a lot of gluten-free food.

What did gluten ever do to you?
Gluten and I aren't friends.

Where have you been hiking?
I went to Twin Falls. It was amazing. Beautiful. Crazy. So much water. California's water woes can be solved by taking two seconds of that waterfall.

What's the best thing about working at The Stranger so far?
The people. How smart and talented everyone is. And I get to read all this amazing writing for my job every week.

What's the worst thing about working at The Stranger?
I guess pissing off Dan on my first day.

That email thing? Oh, he was teasing.
I know. He also left me a note saying that part of my duties as managing editor was to have chocolate and cookies stocked in my desk for him.

This is the desk that has to be stocked with cookies.
  • This is the desk that has to be stocked with cookies.

No milk?
He didn't mention milk.

He wants milk.
He does? Okay. Whole milk, 2 percent, nonfat?

Not sure. Where did you get your shoes?
I got them from the Old Lady Comfort Shoe Shop in Berkeley, because I fucked up my feet from drumming in crappy shoes. And they have insoles in them as well.

You're a drummer?
I am.

What kind of drummer?
A still-learning drummer. I was in a band in Oakland. We may play a show up here, but I don't really know.

What's the band called?

Who are your favorite drummers?
Carla Azar. Sara Lund. Benjamin Weikel.

Who are your favorite metal drummers?
Tomas Haake. Danny Walker... There are so many good metal drummers.

Bought these shoes after drumming in crappy shoes and hurting her feet.
  • Bought these shoes after drumming in crappy shoes and hurting her feet.

Is the "Seattle freeze" real?
I have not found it to be true. Everyone's so nice. And everyone stops for you, like when you turn on your blinker, people immediately let you in. Or when you walk to the curb, they immediately stop. So much so that I'm afraid to walk to the curb because I don't want everyone to suddenly stop. And also I was walking down the street the other day and a guy went, "Hello!" He just wanted to say hi. And then some other girl was like, "I love your dress!" Maybe I just caught people in that weird, friendly, sunny moment. But so far everyone seems so nice, and way less aggro than in the Bay Area.