SPD Investigating Another Bullethole-Ridden Target Left on Capitol Hill


Look, if you're going to try to intimidate the League of Women Voters with implied death threats, you need to have better grouping than that. That is just awful marksmanship.
Damnit, #1 beat me to it. I shot better than that in the boy scouts. Probably any random person working/volunteering at the League of Women Voters shoots better than that.
Cue the tinfoil hat brigade.
@2 - Ah, but if you shoot with your left hand, they can't trace the bullets. Or something.
So, is the League of Women Voters somehow THE symbol or driving force for gun regulations? I'm just a bit confused because it seems like a really random target for intimidation.
@5 The League of Women Voters and that tree.
Whoever did this couldn't hit the broad side of a barn - they're a terrible shot.

If you can't cluster in the center black, you should just realize your gun is NOT making you safer.
Maybe it's the kook who recently bought Butch's Guns. I didn't realize until recently that they have a single-lane shooting range in the basement.
1. depends on the weapon being used
2. depends on the distance of the target

your assumptions not only would have a made you a terrible soldier, but most likely a dead one had you been in combat.
Scary. There are so many hate crimes being perpetrated by the white males of the "Reich-wing" that it's difficult to keep track anymore. Wasn't someone even misgendered in a pizza parlor last week? How do we know these two hate crimes aren't related and part of a larger conspiracy? We need to be brave enough to ask questions!
What's at 17th and Madison?

A kook bought Butch's guns? I had no idea.

I'd like to hear about your experience with this kook and how you found out about a range in the basement.
@12, he's a "private gun seller" which is another way of saying "kook". And the shooting range was mentioned in the real estate listing. Apparently the building comes with a two-bedroom apartment above, which is the scungiest I've ever seen in a while. The facade has been stripped off, unfortunately; I wouldn't have minded having one of those giant Olde West letters or even one of the plywood pistols.

- BB sized holes.
- Random scatter as if the shooter didn't care about hitting the target, merely creating a used target.
- No tape marks or pin holes at the corners.

Judges ruling - Fake, to elicit controversy and sympathy for a seriously flawed initiative.
so #13, explain how THIS works: "Apparently the building comes with a two-bedroom apartment above, which is the scungiest I've ever seen in a while."
You say it "apparently" has a 2br apt but if you don't know & therefore haven't seen it then how is it "the scungiest thing I've ever seen"???

delbert FTW!

this whole used target thing has been a scam from the beginning.
@1,2, 14, etc.: I was thinking shotgun.