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So there I was just sitting at my station mostly being a sassy bit of eye candy, like every Tuesday morning at 9:30, when a flower delivery guy turns up. NBD, right? The flower guy turns up time to time to deliver happiness for OTHER folks on their birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever, but this time the flowers were FOR ME! Huh? I'm not having a baby and it ain't "admin professionals day!" Wha!? Well, turns out, the flowers are a "thank you" from Speaker of the House Frank Chopp who I endorsed via my endorsement bit a couple weeks ago. (Maybe it was what I said about how his pelt is "getting good in the back"?) So, thanks, Frank, and yes, the flowers do brighten up the lobby; they certainly SMELL better than the week old strawberry yogurt stank that's currently wafting up the elevator shaft!

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