This is the Caesar salad sandwich that now haunts my dreams.
  • Kelly O
  • This is the Caesar salad sandwich that now haunts my dreams.

Damn the Weather looks exactly right, and it's got great people involved, and it's brand-new in Pioneer Square; then there's the issue of whether you like the name or not. But first, we must discuss their Caesar salad sandwich.

The bread-roof on this sandwich is, ingeniously, a toad-in-the-hole. (In case you've been deprived, a toad-in-the-hole is when you cut a circle out of a slice of bread, then fry it with an egg inside the hole.) Damn the Weather's version is made with golden-butter-crisped brioche, and the egg is cooked very easy. On the side of the plate is the also-golden-butter-toasted circle of brioche that was excised; it has a single silvery anchovy in repose across it. But the sandwich itself—it deserves an exclamation point! The foundational slice of bread is also pan-fried in butter. The filling is, as it sounds, Caesar salad: bright-green leaves of Willowood Farm's romaine, dressed unstintingly with an especially lemony dressing. When the egg yolk is released—the eggs are from happy, pastured Skylight Farms hens—by your fork or knife, there's almost a hollandaisey effect as it mingles with the Caesar dressing. Meanwhile, the incredibly light fried brioche is better than the best croutons, and the lettuce is miraculously still crisp and crunchy. It costs $9, and damn, it is good.

Damn the Weather itself is where half of the New Orleans Creole Restaurant used to be...