Rand Paul Is Dangerous Because Rand Paul Is Occasionally Right


Democrats should make a big deal about supporting this bill. But they won't.
Wasn't this just a segment on The Daily Show?

That's some pretty sharp politics by Rand.
Rand Paul doesn't have a chance in hell of winning the GOP primary. He's a racist but so is probably 3/4 of the GOP caucus. I don't see how he the fact that he actually tries to pass meaningful legislation that 90% of Americans would agree with makes him 'dangerous'.
Nope. They won't. The party leadership won't let it happen. It's either Democrat or Republican.. be sure you don't wander, we can't go outside of the established God, Guns and Gays that has been the agenda for the past 30 years.
@1: You're right on both counts I'm afraid.

Asset forfeiture is a huge freakin' deal to the libertarian wing of drug policy reform. With this he probably locks up the endorsement of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( I know, meaningless to getting the Repug nomination -- let alone make a difference in an actual election -- but still).
Paul really went out on a limb with his post yesterday.
Very glad to see the Obama Administration took the time to back him up on it, because it gets lonely out there on the bleeding edge of political analysis.
Young, progressive, uninformed voters... Where would Ron Paul be without them?
Rand Paul is occasionally right...and Paul Constant is almost never right.

And what the fuck is this shit about accusing anyone who disagrees with you as being "racist"? This especially looks dumb coming from a white, upper class liberal (like Paul Constant) Why not point out Obama's racism? After all, he is the president. He said, IN HIS OWN BOOK, that he "longed to purge the white blood from his veins." What the fuck is that? That's some Nazi shit. And NO ONE in the media called him out for it. If he had said he longed to purge the black blood from his veins the media would rightfully be in an uproar.

So Obama's comments IN HIS OWN BOOK is ignored, but Rand Paul, a man I'm not a huge fan of, has an aid who used to be a member of a southern independence group, and he's the next fucking George Wallace. The absolute lack of anything resembling logic in Der SStranger never ceases to amaze me. This "newspaper" would NEVER be used for anything but bird lining anywhere except for Seattle, Berkley, San Fransisco or some other liberal cesspool.

Source: http://www.ivorydome.us/2008/03/words-of…

And Paul, here's a REAL LIBERTARIAN being interviewed...is he also a "racist who hates blacks?"

But I forgot: Real blacks obey the white liberal establishment and NEVER question big government. Those are the nice little negroes racist liberal pricks like Paul likes, not uppity anarchist blacks like myself.
@8 WOW. There is one hell of a lot of cognitive dissonance and anger roiling around in your head.
The reason Rand Paul has some appeal for progressive voters is because progressive voters have nowhere to turn-- not when the Democratic Party champions extrajudicial execution, the torture and imprisonment of whistleblowers, and a surveillance state that makes "1984" seem quaint. I think Rand Paul is an asshole, and I wouldn't vote for him. But he's less of an asshole than Barack "I get to kill anyone I want, and I'll imprison anyone who blows the whistle on me" Obama. And he's less of an asshole than Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, or any of the other anti-civil-liberties hypocrites the Democratic party offers up for presidential consideration. If Paul Constant is worried about Rand Paul, maybe he should stop swooning over vicious human-rights-abusers like Obama just because they have a "D" next to their name. You're just making things worse.
@10 FTW. If the Democrats don't want to be threatened by someone who is better than they are on civil liberties, maybe they could themselves try being better on civil liberties?