• kelly o
  • Teens: Almost people.

- When a band starts or stops, teens will smash into you, running for their lives on their way to… standing in the street, texting.

- One vodka Red Bull is perfect. Four vodka Red Bulls and you might as well buy a COLLEGE poster and kiss your ability to avoid conversations with weed reps (who don't actually have any weed) goodbye.

- If your friend wears a Drake shirt, covered in Drake heads, a person will stop him approximately every 45 seconds to ask him where he got it / high-five him / touch him / Woo! at him and he will vow to never wear it in public again.

Ask me about my Drake shirt.
  • Ask me about my Drake shirt.

- Other than Drake, people like tropical-anything right now. Tropical is cool. If it's got a pineapple on it, wear it. Wear it all the time.

- Also on the fashion tip: the look for men and boys is button-up shirts, buttoned all the way up. Is this norm-core? Don't actually answer that.

- I know what you're thinking and yes, there were many instances of buttoned-all-the-way-up tropical and/or pineapple shirts (I spy… the first photo up there at the top).

Fruit & flowers >>> feather headdresses.
  • Fruit & flowers >>> feather headdresses.

- When bottle rockets go off at 10:30 pm, you will become jealous and curious as to how anyone snuck anything fun in when the security guards were so thorough they rifled through your makeup bag—opening your blush (??)—every single time you came in throughout the day.

- "The thing about football is you don't know what you're talking about." Might be the loudest, drunkest statement you overhear in the beer garden.

- When you're stoned and bored by the Main Stage, your thoughts might wander: "How did festivals even function before the Jumbotron? I'm going to go home and read about the history of Jumbotrons, I bet it's so interesting." [Update: not even kind of interesting, it turns out.]