Budos Band! Dave Segals top CHBP 14 pick.
  • Budos Band are Dave Segal's top CHBP '14 pick, and they play today!

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We're preparing for Block Party, day two! Did you have fun last night? How hungover are you? More importantly, do you know who you're going to see on this fine Saturday? We do! The Stranger staff answers the question: Who are you seeing today at Block Party?

DAVE SEGAL: "I'm going to see Future Shock (4:45 pm, Barboza Stage) because any band describing itself as 'Afro New Wave' deserves further scrutiny. The two songs I’ve heard by High Ends (7:45 pm, Barboza Stage) make me think of the Glitter Band, 10cc, and Mort Garson—color me intrigued. I'm definitely seeing Budos Band (9:10 pm, Main Stage) because this large Afrobeat/Latin-funk ensemble is the best act at CHBP—simple as that."

KYLE FLECK: "I'm seeing Natasha Kmeto (9 pm, Neumos Stage) for some sensuous night-time electronica with a delicious pop undercurrent. And Hundred Waters (7:15 pm, Vera Stage), whose hushed and haunted synth-hymns that can only get more rapturous live. I'll also check out Beat Connection (7:30 pm, Main Stage), who have curiosity reached a tipping point when, in the blurb about them for our CHBP guide, the words 'tropical-flavored' were used."

KELLY O: "I can't wait to go see [mostly] queer punk band Sashay (5:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because they kind of remind me of the Germs. I know, WHOAH!, the Germs are big name to drop, but not kidding, Sashay channel some of that very rare, hardcore black magic. Then I'll probably stay down in the evil red Cha Cha basement and see mysterious queer heavy metal band Power Bottom (7:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage), because, well, THEY NAMED THEMSELVES POWER BOTTOM."

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KATHLEEN RICHARDS: "I'm going to see Cymbals (2:15 pm, Main Stage), even though I was initially disappointed to discover that this is not a band made up of all-cymbal-playing players (cymbalists?), I think I can still get down with this group’s John Hughes-worthy laptop pop. Plus, I’ll need a break from all the sternum-vibrating amplifiers. I'm also seeing Great Goddamn (3:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because Stranger critic Katie Allison described their music as having 'big, crunchy bass sounds,' and that sounded better than the alternatives—the 'lushly produced triphop' of Spider Ferns and the 'day-drunk disco beat' of Poolside. Sorry it’s gotta be like that. Last, I'm also going to check out Deadkill (8:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because apparently every Stranger critic has a huge hard-on for this band. And I hate being left out."

EMILY NOKES: "I want to check out Katie Kate (5 pm, Vera Stage) because she always goes hard for live performances and will probably be wearing something sick. I also love Audacity's (5:15 pm, Neumos Stage) live shows and will need some good old fashioned punk fun at this point. Speaking of good old fashioned punk fun, The Thermals (11 pm, Vera Stage) are playing tonight! My 19-year-old self and 29-year-old self will be holding hands throughout the set."