A$AP Rocky
  • A$AP Rocky headlines the Main Stage tonight at 8:15 pm.

OMG it's the last day of Block Party. We're alive-ish! It's so nice out! Who are you excited about seeing today? Better make it count! The Stranger staff answers the question: Who are you seeing today at Block Party?

EMILY NOKES: "I'm going to try and check out Dude York (2:15 pm, Neumos Stage) because they have great and catchy songs. I also want to dance to the colorful art noise of Stickers (4:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because I haven't seen them in forever and they have a new song about Ryan Gossling. Aaaaand yes, yes, I'll go see A$AP Rocky (8:15 pm, Main Stage) because it's A$AP Rocky. And BTW, looks like the Red Bull "Secret Show" (10 pm, Neumos) is a showcase featuring Beat Connection joined by friends including Sol, Shaprece, Shy Girls, and Hundred Waters (and a few other surprises)."

KYLE FLECK: "Haunted Horses (6:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage) because fuck zombies and vampires—come time for the apocalypse, you need to be afraid of Haunted Horses. I'll check out Tanlines (5 pm, Vera Stage) because my wife recommended them to me and their over-emotive electro-pop and Mike's Hard Lemonade go together like peanut butter and jelly (which is to say, perfectly). And the War on Drugs (6:30 pm, Main Stage), because I think in the war on drugs, the drugs won. Slightly stoned melancholy psych-rock with a nice bit of the Boss thrown in for good measure."

DAVE SEGAL: "XXYYXX (3:45 pm, Main Stage) because his weirdly-angled funk and glazed shoegaze-rock atmospheres make me think there are new, improved ways to nod your head. With Slow Magic (7:30 pm, Vera Stage)—I went purely by the name, because I’m feeling kind of cavalier. And Pollens (9:00 pm, Neumos Stage), because this Seattle sextet is like the Fleetwood Mac of African-rhythm-inflected, music-school-informed progressive pop—but without the relationship drama."

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KATHLEEN RICHARDS: "Gaytheist (5:15 pm, Neumos Stage) because they're the ultimate band for the ultimate attention-deficit Block Party-goer. (Songs are less than two minutes long!) Tongue-in-cheek lyrics, riffs galore, and a drummer who sounds like he burns 50,000 calories per song. YES. and Dum Dum Girls (9 pm, Vera Stage) because I want to wear all black and dark eyeliner and pretend I’m one of the cool girls. Plus, I have a total girl crush on that drummer."

KELLY O: "Today I'll creep back down to the basement to see Wolfgang Fuck (2:45 pm, Cha Cha Stage), a self-described 'werewolf-fronted punk band' and then stick around for Magic Mouth (8 pm, Neumos Stage) because they make super-soulful, super-danceable, gritty blues rock. AND they have a gorgeous queer frontman named Stephon (thanks CHBP, for inviting so many 'Mos this year!)."