NRA Spokesman Reportedly Compares Washington Gun Control Advocates to Nazis


Yup... can't even think about having a rational discussion about gun laws. It's all or nothing with the NRA.
I love the implicit assumption that a few privately owned firearms in undertrained hands could have stopped the most ruthlessly efficient military on earth and prevented the holocaust. The NRA lives in a coulda-shoulda-woulda fantasy world, yet they somehow failed to prevent the tyranny of Japanese internment. Thanks for nothing, guys.
Silverdale. Wish I was surprised. And here I thought Utah took the cake on invoking Nazis and the Gestapo....…
In other news, a federal judge just struck down Washington D.C.'s handgun ban as unconstitutional.
How is referring to historical events in context racist exactly?…

Also for @2…

I am all for factual common sense discussions, but knowing the material helps a lot.
A rag-tag, motley crew of gun nuts manages to defend their town from the tyranny of an invading army. The NRA thought Red Dawn was a documentary.
The notion that disarming the Jews by means of gun control led to their extermination in the Holocaust is utterly fatuous, even more so than the usual NRA drivel.
@8 Worse, the notion that an armed Jewry could have prevented the Holocaust is nothing short of blaming the victims for failing to defend themselves.

The whole Nazi gun control meme is offensive bullshit.
And here I thought European Jews came to America to flee violence and find peace.
You know, the Nazis came to power by entirely (although controversial) means under the Weimar constitution. No seizing of registered guns required, if in fact guns were registered in Germany then.
Goldy, you might try reading the material you're linking to. Here, I'll quote it for you.

"The law did prohibit Jews and other persecuted classes from owning guns, but this should not be an indictment of gun control in general."
There is a big group of gun nuts in Kitsap County affiliated with one of the gun ranges. They go so far as to see any attempt to regulate noise from the gun range, like say not using exploding targets and rapid fire weapons after 10 p.m. as an affront to their sovereign rights.

One of them got in trouble after showing how he modified a semi-automatic gun to be fully automatic to some officials who were taking a gun safety class. He defends himself in court and it's all kinds of hilarious.
@12 Yes, and they built the autobahn so freeways are just the first step down a dangerous slippery slope as well.
The Nazis banned Jews from owning guns, sure. They also made it a lot easier for any yahoo to get a gun if he was a member of the Nazi party or their youth group affiliates. It wasn't gun control; it was oppression.
If you say that the Nazis banning Jews from owning guns is a mark against gun control, you might as well say that the Nazis banning Jews from owning businesses is a mark against regulation of industry. It's utter baloney.
I'm seriously sick of goyim of this stripe claiming to know what's best for the Jews.
I don't give a damn about this particular story, but I have to ask:

Is the SLOG falling down on the job?

It's only Monday and there are already three anti-gun screeds posted on the SLOG, none of which mention that on Saturday a federal appellate court judge struck down D.C.'s anti gun ban in such a wide interpretation that it opens the door for unrestricted interstate carry of firearms everywhere in the U.S.

This is a landmark federal gun ruling and, for the amount of anti-gun screed that you publish, it really reveals your amateurish nature.

Way to pay attention.

Way to go.
And this is why I miss Goldy at the Stranger. Admit you made a mistake and bring him back. . . Pay him for his time instead of acquiring his words from HA.
"Yes, and they built the autobahn so freeways are just the first step down a dangerous slippery slope as well."

I will explain it to you again.
It is not about building something.
It is about banning people from doing something that other people are allowed to do.

There was not a problem with building public restrooms in America.
There was a problem when a black man could not use a "white" restroom.
@16, tell me about it.
Have to say, I agree with @18.
I am a Jew and both my grandfathers served in the Red Army. With weapons in their hands. Im sure Ava Kovner and other Jewish partisans on the eastern front would have really appreciated your leftard rhetoric about how they dont REALLY need guns when they werent busy, you know, SHOOTING NAZIS. Also, go fuck yourself Goldy you commie twat.
@7 it happened already. it's called the revolutionary war. we celebrate it every july 4th in the states
Well, it is true that totalitarian regimes do not want their populations owning guns. There's no controversy here.