You Have Been Warned: Blue Angels to Fly Over Seattle at 12:30 Today


"the seattle coastline" is not how I ever think of it, but sure. welcome back to the Happy Face of the American MIC!
I'll prep the paper towels and bleach wipes for the inevitable puddles of cat piss.
Paul, pro tip: remember to wash your thumb before you start sucking on it.
Man. I could hear the block party from my apartment ALL WEEKEND LONG. Wish they'd just shut the damn thing down already because I didn't buy a ticket and wasn't interested in going this year.
With as many budget problems as this country has, I find it sickening to think that the Blue Angels are justified and funded by the government. The fuel costs are excessive, the maintenance costs are outta sight and the pilots have huge salaries. Plus, the noise pollution is unacceptable. Do I sound like a crank? Probably, but I don't see any solid justification of using this machines of war as entertainment value.

And what's this "Seattle coastline" they speak of? What the...?
Sales of Depends at QFC are going to go through the roof this week!
Has anyone been able to locate a petition to shut this down for good? What a waste!
2 Chinooks just circled Elliot Bay. They're pretty cool.
I'm not a fan of the military, and I think people who are into aviation are corny, but I love the Blue Angels. So do my dogs and cats - and we are right in the flight path.

Bring it on. Seafair is my favorite Seattle event.
@8 they did? You sure it wasn't a cessna with a geico banner? I've been outdside since noon and seen zilch.
When the Blue Angels are here, it's party time!
@11: Around 12:15. I have photos.

They flew off towards Whidbey NAS.
Did this happen? I swear, I didn't feel so much as a window rattle.
@13 I saw them when they flew past the UW Tower after my Calculus class
The annual bedwetting of Seattle's Swishy Males begins.
"Blue Noisies,"

A huge hit with adolescent humans.
Wow, suddenly Seattle is a coastal city. Meh, they probably know more than I do since they're working for the government.
I sent an email to the contact info for Seafair to tell them not to bring them back. Who knows if anyone will read it but at least you can try!

I pretty much hate them.