So, in Crestwood, a suburb south of Chicago, the NRA Gun Nuts' fantasy world came briefly into being: a Good Guy With a Gun saw a Bad Guy With a Gun committing armed robbery in a cell phone store. What ensued? He called the cops, who arrived, but the Bad Guy with a Gun ran out the back door, and then . . .

The officer saw the robber running out the back, carrying a large duffel bag and a gun. When the suspect spotted the officer, he dropped the bag and ran away. The officer began chasing the suspect, but soon heard two gunshots, and he took cover, not knowing who was shooting.

It turned out the man with the concealed carry permit had entered the store and fired at the suspect from the back door as the officer arrived.

Remember, this is the American the gun nuts want us to live in: bullets flying everywhere. The Good Guy With a Gun, who is 86 years old, will not be charged, according to police.