Former Colleague Charges Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll with Plagiarism


He did not plagiarize. He copied those words by himself, with no help from anyone else.
Yes but who will play him in the inevitable Hollywood film? Chris Pratt? and will it be filmed in Seattle?
At what point do the Mars Hill people demand he leave for the good of the church? Seriously, if any of you bother to read this: THIS guy, Driscoll, is irrelevant and not a factor in your salvation. Get a better pastor.
A problem here is that ANYone involved with this church is suspect. Even former MH "faithful". They embraced a fundamentalist, intolerant theology (sugarcoated to appeal to kids). And they were mistreated.
Wow! How could that have happened? I would love to protest MH but not to make it better. To destroy it.
If I was a religious man, and my pastor ever called me "bro", I would find another as fast as humanly possible.

This creature has been so poisoned by his concept of masculinity that he's turned into a giant glistening penis himself.
What is this obsession Slog has with an irrelevant "church"? I just don't get it, the amount pixels and angst Slog puts into this shit. Weird. Must be you need to use up the space that Goldy used to fill with real commentary and news. Now it's all about Mars Hill and music no one gives a rat's ass about. About which no one gives a rat's ass.
What is all this obsession with rabbit brushing, anyways? Who cares how a rabbit grooms himself? Or herself? And why, or how, is a rabbit brushing a rat's ass?
Driscoll looks to have a bit of the lead singer from Creed in him.

Just beat a few Mark-ass tricks into him until he convinces himself and burns away into another Seattle zombie.

It's only righteous.
awwww jeah.

You totally spoke ill of the holy spirit, dude.
@7 You need a new hobby.
Should we go over to Bellevue and support the supporters of a man who has attacked gays from the pulpit and women? Are the protesters somehow more progressive and inclusive than the asshole Mark Driscoll?

Let them cannibalize themselves out of existence I have more important things to do on Sunday morning.
You lost me at the whole "going to Bellevue" part......
Who cares? @6 is right.
@5, Wait. You're giving giant glistening penises a bad name.
To the troll: We just hate hypocrits. And bullies. And people who take advantage of other people.* And plagiarists, too. Especially when they themselves call themselves righteous. You don't think his behavior is "bad"? You think evil should be tolerated? I happen to think it shouldn't. I think it should be called out.

I guess we agree to disagree.

*It's why Slog rages against homophobia and racism and sexism: They're just not very nice.