The Best of Slog: It Was a Week of Primary Drama, Blue Angels, and Mark Driscoll's "Pussified Nation"


Fuck you guys for doubling down on sexual harassment. Seriously, what's wrong with you?

"It's just a little harmless sexual harassment of a woman in a male dominated field!"
So I had a good bike ride from East Hill to Coulon Park, but whoever put that place on the list of viewing areas is ridiculous.

The jets were out of sight for most of the show, then a few way-in-the-distance stunts, and at the very end (after I left and started cycling past Boeing) a fly-over.

Note to P-I and Sea-Times -- Coulon Park is not a viewing area for the Blue Angels by any stretch of the imagination. It is, however, a very nice park with a nice beach There's even an Ivar's on the waterfront there in the park zone. (Not sure how that happened.)
I occasionally see comments pulled for trolling. Just what is @2 except trolling?