Sunday Comic


Say what?
So these are individual pages of a coloring book?
The author should be ashamed of themselves.
I said on Wednesday that I didn't get it. I still don't get it. Any of it.
I find this genuinely disturbing. Since most of the Sunday strips elicit a "meh," that counts as an improvement. The adventures of a gang of juvenile delinquent mashed potatoes would make an interesting claymation film. A Spudsploitation flick, maybe?
I don't find it disturbing, but it's a good thing that it is titled A Day with Tato Joe, otherwise I wouldn't have any idea what he was. He looks more like a slice of pizza than a potato.
It's supposed to be mashed potato??? I now get it even less than I did before.
Nope, still not seeing "mashed potato". I've spent the week believing it was a variation on the theme of Mr Hanky.
The cornered perspective brings it together. But don't mind me, I'm artistic, and my comments should always be censored.
The second panel quote John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever and the third panel quotes Paul Hogan from Crocodile Dundee. I not sure about the other two panels but my moneys on more derivative bullshit.
@9: I have the nails, hammer and step ladder if you can provide the cross.
Needs more eyes.
Don't worry, Karsten, no one understood Picasso or Joyce or Stravinsky at first, either.
@13, THIS shit is the next Picasso!?!?!? Fuck, we are totally fucked then. Bring on the asteroids!!!
Joyce has no lasting impact on society that I see. he wrote the greatest literary achievement of the last century. Joyce was interested in literary possibilities. The Stranger and its books editor Paul Constant are interested in popularity and profits. So please Jude, no more references to Joyce. You drag his hallowed name into this Slog Slime Pit. Thank You kindly..
The eyes peering through the wall in the last panel are pretty terrifying.
"It's a parody of non-humor. "
On the whole, Stranger "Sunday Comics" make me feel old. When I was young, Sunday comics were funny, or at least attempted to be funny. Or the political cartoons made snarky jabs at politicians. Stranger comics are almost universally unfunny, and seem to make no point whatsoever. Or maybe I'm just over the hill, and just don't "get it".
Trolls die alone.
Wow! I was going to say I don't get it because I'm a whole lot older than you, but it looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't get it. I didn't get the "tato" being a derivative of potato, however so I'm still older than you.
Crone sez: NOT FUNNY.
It's a potato? NOW I get it.