Jonathan Chait at the Daily Intelligencer shared a doozy of a video this morning. A woman who was brought to America from Mexico as a child tries to talk to Steve King and Rand Paul about immigration at a fundraiser. Rand Paul just runs away from her without saying a word. King tells the woman she speaks English really well—"I was raised here," the woman replies with no small degree of exasperation—and then he repeatedly explains that she and her mother are lawbreakers. Meanwhile, a presumed King staffer tries to get the person with the camera to stop filming the video and by the end, a man stands off to the side shouting "GO HOME" at the woman.

This is the Republican strategy on immigration, in one video. Republicans who are running for national office run away from the issue. The ones in office condescend and fail to listen to the real problems. Their staff tries to shut the conversation down. And the Republicans in the audience just shout racist things until the conversation ends.