Eli Sanders: "Primary-night partying with local politicians tonight! Does Socialist challenger Jess Spear throw a better wonk-rager than her opponent, Democratic State House Speaker Frank Chopp? Does the campaign slogan 'Burfect Is Perfect' mean anything when it comes to free drinks? Check Slog tonight for answers (as well as ballot-counting results). Meantime: VOTE!"

Bethany Jean Clement: "Voting! I just voted, and I feel full of civic goodness (though I still miss voting in person, at a school with shiny wood floors, seeing neighbors, getting a sticker). For you, here are The Stranger’s endorsements, and this, and I want to warn you: DO NOT LICK YOUR ENVELOPE, for it is truly one of the worst things my mouth has ever experienced—it tastes like it has extra horses in it. Tomorrow, some very high-quality jazz piano—possibly with a jazz cigarette beforehand, and definitely with a pisco sour or two during—at dim, cool Vito’s sounds exactly right. And sometime this hot week, I am going to visit Bluebird in Fremont to look at/take full advantage of their new/old/AWESOME-LOOKING 1920s soda fountain, originally from a pharmacy in Pioneer Square."

David Schmader: "I am re-familiarizing myself with the 10,000 words that make up A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem, my solo play that I'll be performing on August 19 as part of Intiman Theatre's Angels Project. I'm also hoping to go see Guardians of the Galaxy at Ark Lodge Cinemas, because Chris Pratt makes my pants throb."

Katie Allison: "I will definitely be setting aside time to make this rad DIY cat tent, so that my cats can relax in an Iron Maiden–themed cave of badassitude. I'm also going to go to Central Cinema to watch Deep Blue Sea in Hecklevision, OBVIOUSLY, because that movie is a timeless cinematic treasure. I really identify with the parrot."

Kelly O: "I am going to local band Stickers' album release party, for new LP Swollen, on Thursday Friday at Victory Lounge/Black Lodge. Are you listening to Stickers yet? C'mon! TWO WORDS: SHEXY SHAXOPHONE."