In Culture News: The Return of the Egyptian, the (Sorta) End of 12 Minutes Max, and Your Next Four Years' Worth of Superhero Movies


Look, I love(d) the Egyptian, but "best cinema house in Seattle"? That seems like a stretch. The ambiance and programming was great, but the audio always sucked and the seating left a lot to be desired...
The only future release superhero movie worth caring about is Howard the Duck. C'mon, you don't really think Disney/Marvel bought LucasFilm for Star Wars, do you?
They are expanding the bathrooms and doing renovations from what I hear
Cinerama had a sign in the box office window for a while about an expanded liquor licence. I smell a Tom Douglas concessions stand with bar.
@2 I totally agree. The first Howard the Duck movie was totally underrated.
@2: Ah, that brings back memories (and nightmares).

But if I were Disney, I would have bought LucasFilm just for the rights to the Grim Fandango game (probably the best noir story since Chinatown). Then I would have had Pixar make a movie out of it.
@5,6 I wasn't kidding. Y'all did notice during Guardians of the Galaxy?
Actually, Douglas Trumbull announced the renovations during the SciFi Festival at the Cinerama. He explained that the theater was being renovated to accommodate his new technology. Why am *I* the one to know this?
Most of the later scheduled superhero films are probably just reboots of the earlier ones. Which are reboots of others.

Hollywood is dead.
dc = crap... marvel = not crap ( unless you figger in the spiderman and fantastic four franchises..)
@9, I'm hoping that somehow the studios will finally get desperate enough to do what they did 45 years ago, and give some new fillmmakers artistic license to do what they want.
@1 again, the Cinerama is being remodeled for beer and food service. THE END.

@2 Superhero movies are a genre. Would any one raise a stink if 24 horror movies were slated to be released in the next 4 years? Didn't think so. So stop making it a thing.
@11 Why would they? The movies they are currently churning out are making billions of dollars. The will keep pumping them out until audiences tire of them, and then move onto the next big thing (blockbuster versions of Turkish folk tales).
@ 13, profits are down. From a corporate viewpoint, that's never good.
@14 True, ticket sales are down for 2014. It seems unlikely that this years total gross will hit the 10b range the studios have been use to for the past few years.

But is that a blip or a the start of a long range trend? No one knows. What is certain is that the major hit in profit comes not from ticket sales but dvd sales due to piracy. Take a look at these great charts.…

And remember, if it's on the internet it must be true!

Anyways, all evidence says that the summertime blockbuster is not going away anytime soon.

@6 - About seven Pixar movies from now, the Wikipedia list indicates an "Untitled Pixar film about Día de los Muertos" sometime in or after 2018. That could mean anything, but it could also mean Grim Fandango.
@8 Beat you by a few days.