You Have Nothing to Fear: Except a deadly viral outbreak? With 932 deaths from Ebola recorded thus far, leading health experts are asking for an experimental drug to be released before the virus can hit Western soils. But releasing the drug to two Americans has already "ignited a controversy over the ethics of the decision, which reportedly side-stepped Liberian health regulations." A second patient with Ebola is en route to the US now.

Primary Election: The Stranger drank fruit punch—which, if you think of it, sounds like slang for gay bashing—at election-night parties. And Eli explains why, having seen the early returns, "it's still long odds for the Democrats to retake the state senate." Crosscut looks at two other key races in the state senate, which has been narrowly lost by Dems the last couple years. Republican drama monster Pam Roach must defend against another Republican this fall (bad for her) and Democrat-who-caucuses-with-Republicans-and-really-isn't-a-Democrat-at-all Tim Sheldon will be lucky to "squeak into second place."

Israel Withdraws from Gaza: Israel has pulled back troops form the Gaza Strip to begin a 72-hourse ceasefire with Hamas.

How Hamas Prepares a Rocket: "Shortly before a cease-fire went into effect in Gaza on Tuesday morning," the New York Times reports, "a crew from India’s NDTV captured rare footage of Islamist militants quietly preparing to fire a rocket at Israel from a densely populated area of the Palestinian territory."

More Proof that Voter ID Laws Are Just a Racist Tool of the GOP to Suppress Turnout from Racial Minorities: An analysis of some 1 billion votes cast in the US since 2000 shows only 31 instances of voter fraud.

Costco Is a Madhouse in Hawaii: Two storms are heading for the islands, including Hurricane Julio, with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour.

Aborting Laws: Earlier this week, an Alabama judge struck down an increasingly popular type of anti-abortion policy—one that requires doctors performing abortions to have medically unnecessary admitting privileges to local hospitals—but Jill Filipovic at Cosmopolitan points out the ruling shows the "intimidation and violence abortion providers face."

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Republicans Love Uber: I can't knock 'em for this. Cab companies are slow, unhelpful dinosaurs.

Queerty Reports: "'Oppressed' Straight White Men Express Right To Hate Football Team For Being LGBT Inclusive."

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