Our Stunningly Expensive City: The Seattle Times reports the average price for a single-family home in Seattle hit $543,500 last month, surpassing the previous record of $501,000, set in 2007, before the recession.

McLawsuit, Home of the Whoppers: The association that represents franchisees of national mega restaurant chains filed a federal lawsuit yesterday to strike down a key portion of Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage law. What's their beef? They dislike a phase-in that gives seven years to small businesses but only three years to large businesses (fast-food franchises are considered large businesses, because they're propped up by giant corporations). This quote is pretty funny:

“Who in their right mind wants to become a franchisee in Seattle now? They are immediately placed at a competitive disadvantage to local small businesses,” said Matt Haller, a spokesman for the International Franchise Association, based in Washington, D.C.

This Is Awful, Yes: But impressive work for one day. "Police arrested a 36-year-old man Wednesday after he allegedly went on a lengthy crime spree that included at least four hit-and-runs and a failed carjacking."

Gorge on Even More Gorge? The company that runs the Gorge Amphitheater in Eastern Washington wants their bro-tastic venue to be even bro-y-er with more camping space, restaurants, and cabins. Oh, the things those cabin walls will see.

Jihad Against Jihad (Or, I Don't Really Understand Islamic States): "Authorities in Indonesia this week condemned the Islamic State—the Sunni extremist militants who have taken over large chunks of territory in Iraq and Syria, killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the process—and ordered a ban on YouTube videos that in any way endorse the jihadists."

Sorry About Y'all's Vacations: The first of two hurricanes heading to Hawaii will make landfall tonight.

HAHAHAHAHA: The Seattle Times throws an angry-baby tantrum over losing the parks-district vote, and Goldy is there to delight at every wail and scream.

More Like the National CaPOTal, Amirite? Elections officials have placed a marijuana-legalization initiative on Washington, DC's, fall ballot. (Is that how you're supposed to do the possessive apostrophe in DC, before the comma like that? It seems weird.)