The Independent:

Religious leaders in Liberia are claiming God has unleashed the deadly Ebola virus as a plague upon the country to punish “immoral acts” taking place there, such as homosexuality... A statement detailing the resoloution summarised:“Liberians have to pray and seek God's forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God's forgiveness.”

I had this to say in The Commitment about Christians who blame gays for natural disasters:

Sitting in a hotel room in Portland, Oregon, I listened to a 'Christian leader' on a cable news shoutfest describe the December 26, 2004, earthquake and tsunami that killed a quarter of a million people in Asia as evidence of God's displeasure. With Asians? No, with same-sex marriage. "We can't allow things that offend God to flourish without expecting to incur the wrath of God," she said. She cited gay and lesbian marriages in Canada, San Francisco, and Massachusetts. "Gay marriage offends God deeply," hence the killer wave. God may be all-knowing and all-powerful, but He is, it seems, a lousy shot, the Mr. Magoo of higher powers. Same-sex couples get married in Boston, Toronto and San Francisco, and a vengeful, near-sighted God triggers an earthquake that slams a killer wave into Indonesia, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka, killing a quarter of a million people who weren't even invited to the wedding.

Christians blamed gay people for Hurricane Katrina, too: God was angry about an upcoming gay street party in the French Quarter… so God destroyed the Ninth Ward and drowned little old straight ladies in nursing homes. The French Quarter and the gays? Untouched and open for business soon after the hurricane. I had this to say on Slog about Christians who blamed the gays for Katrina:

We executed Nazis that ordered reprisal killings and collective punishment, i.e. rounding up and shooting innocent villagers for after local resistance forces staged attacks. But Hagee blithely argues that Jesus—the Prince of Peace, the Friend of the Poor, the Lamb of God, etc.—will drown scores of little old ladies in nursing homes when He’s angry at gay people cavorting in bars ten miles away. Reprisal killings and collective punishment—how do Hagee, Robertson, Dobson, et al, get away with ascribing the morals of Adolph Hitler (or Saddam Hussein) to Jesus Christ? Actually… Hagee would have us believe that Jesus is worse than Hitler. The Nazis executed innocent villagers because they couldn’t lay their hands on the resistance fighters. The Nazis, you see, weren’t omniscient. Jesus Christ, however, is. So He doesn’t have to kill little old ladies in nursing homes when the gays piss him off. He has the power to send hurricanes just to the French Quarter, and then only to the gay end of the street, to punish those wicked and decadent homosexuals (while sparing those wicked and decadent heterosexuals). But Jesus, according to Hagee, chooses not to do that. Instead He engages in reprisal killings and collective punishment, just like Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.

Anyway… the news about climate change gets worse every day. (You know things are going from bad to worse when climate scientists start interviews by saying, "We're fucked.") When social conservatives and religious nuts are finally forced to acknowledge that climate change is a reality—once all their megachurches and red states are either underwater or on fire—they will attempt to pin the blame on the gays. Because of course they will. They'll go on TV and shout from the pulpits that the climate was just fine until we started letting gay people marry, adopt, and eat wedding cake.

Now we laugh and point and blog when religious nuts blame the gays for tsunamis and earthquakes and Ebola. But I'm honesty worried that when the full impact of climate change is felt later in this century—when the food shortages start, when hundreds of millions of refugees are pouring over the borders, when water wars break out—it might not be so easy to laugh off the antigay haters. The coming of full LGBT civil equality in the West is going to correlate strongly with the arrival of climate chaos, and right-wing haters are going to jump up and down screaming causation. This will be bullshit, of course, but their antigay demagoguery could get more traction when people are scared and looking for scapegoats.