Reports: Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Black 18-Year-Old in Missouri...

Ebola: The risk that you will get it is "almost zero," says the top infectious disease specialist at King County Public Health.

Cascadia Fault Lines: How often do they rupture and cause earthquakes? There's a distinct lack of consensus among scientists.

Billion of Gallons of Mining Chemicals Spilling Into British Columbia Rivers: "On August 4 the tailings pond of the gold and copper open-pit Polley Mine, operated by Imperial Metals Corp., breached and sent billions of gallons of metals-laden silt and water into waterways awaiting the return of the salmon." The flyover video is horrifying.

Teenager Arrested: ...for the alleged sexual assault and murder of six-year-old Jenise Wright in Bremerton.

Watch Yourself Out There: Two men who went swimming in Green Lake on Thursday evening and were pulled out by divers, unconscious and unresponsive, have since died.

Iraq: Has been aptly called the "graveyard of American ambition." Yesterday's morning news quoted the president saying America won't be "dragged into another war." Today the Guardian's lede says, "Barack Obama has committed the US to long-term involvement in Iraq, warning that the rapidly evolving crisis in the north would not be solved quickly."

Israel and Palestine: Hamas is threatening to resume shooting rockets at Israel (UGH WTF), Al Jazeera America digs into what's behind a surge of anti-Semitism in France, and:

Idris Elba: People thought his dick was huge because of some photos. He says:

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