Robin Williams Found Dead


Holy shit.

It's been trendy to bag on him for years, but as a kid who loved Mork & Mindy I always had a soft spot on my heart for him. RIP.
I hope he finds good will.
Horrible. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.
Truely sad
Aw shazbot.
There's a lot of fans here at my office. We're all kinda stunned. It just doesn't seem real.
So many - too many - people dismiss depression as unimportant. Depression lies and it kills. Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. You will be missed, and my heart breaks for your family.

This super moon has been a deadly one.

Nanu, Nanu, Robin.
You will be missed.
Have to admit, he played a pretty good xdresser in Tootsie.
10 is a great site for helping people with suicidal ideation. is a great first page to read. Suicidal feelings are, in and of themselves, traumatic, but they can pass.
Just a quick shout out to some of his many roles which touched me:

Dead Poets Society: "Oh Captain, my Captain!"

Good Will Hunting: "It's not your fault."

Aladdin: "You ain't never had a friend like me."
I didn't like everything he did, but he did a lot of things that I really, really liked. The Birdcage and Artificial Intelligence, for two.
@9: That was Dustin Hoffman. Robin Williams crossdressed in Mrs. Doubtfire.
Fuck. Robin Williams, rich and blessed with great talent. A childhood friend who was in the Twin Towers during 9/11 and who was successful and kind. The dad of a kid on my AySo team with 3 kids under 10. Depression can hit anyone. Fuck.
I had such a crush on him as Mork. He was my Manic Pixie Dream Boy. I even spent my allowance on some goofy rainbow suspenders.
God. How awful for his family, and how awful for him that he was in so much pain.
Rob Delaney just reposted his invaluable bit.…
He was an absolutely incendiary talent. RIP.
@13: @9 knows that. He's an awful little troll. Don't speak to him.
Shocking, terrible, sad news. RIP you brilliant, funny man.

The world loved him, yet he clearly was too alone. May he find peace wherever he is now.

The first person to post a shitty comment in here gets my fist in your face. Respect the man.
Horrible news.
Just heard him on WTF. Hell of an interview. Sweet soul. Poor Robin.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. This makes me really sad.
Saw him twice live in San Francisco - one was a show to support a comedy club and he was the surprise guest. That was about 1984 and then again in a solo show where we laughed almost to tears.

I also saw him at a bookstore in San Francisco; not a single person bothered him.

He really started the trend at Disney to use famous people for voice-overs. He was so great in Aladdin as the genie.

That he shared some of the same demons as John Belushi is very sad.

Sincere sympathies to his family.
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may...

“ Though much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." - ALT

Peace to his family and friends.
so Cato, you show more respect for Robin's death than the stupid selfie people who fell off the cliff, an earlier Slog post today.
That's cool some people's lives have higher value than others. You done good.
Just saw a recent screening of World's Greatest Dad at SIFF. RW was awesome in the lead role. This is very tragic indeed.
@26. Register. That comment is too good to be not viewed by most.
@24: Strange how you think the cause of death would somehow make it any less tragic to have happened at all.
Wow, I just read this. Shocking!

He was a very funny man and shall be missed. I especially enjoyed him in "The Fisher King" & "Good Morning Vietnam". Definitely, a comic descendant of the late Jonathan Winters.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.
Ironically, "One Hour Photo" was on TV today. That may be one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, because it was so unexpected for him to play a character like that. The loneliness of Sy the photo guy is pretty haunting. I imagine there was a part of the real Robin Williams in that character.
I met him, briefly, years ago as a reporter, and Williams was so extraorrdinarily kindly and helpful although already a star, I found myself saying to him, "Your mother must have raised you right."

Not surprisingly, was also incredibly funny off the cuff.

However, depression is a malady endemic in comedy. Williams is the third professional comedian I've met or known who committed suicide, and the number on anti depressives is legion
I met him, briefly, years ago as a reporter, and Williams was so extraorrdinarily kindly and helpful although already a star, I found myself saying to him, "Your mother must have raised you right."

Not surprisingly, was also incredibly funny off the cuff.

However, depression is a malady endemic in comedy. Williams is the third professional comedian I've met or known who committed suicide, and the number on anti depressives is legion
I'm watching his obituary on local news now. I totally forgot that he was on a sitcom right now with Buffy.
@ 36 I think it was cancelled.
O Captain my Captain!

Feels bad, man.
Marc Maron just reposted his WTF interview so you can listen without being a subscriber. As typical for WTF he delves into addiction and mental health.
My last boss was a guy that everyone loved. He didn't do anything special, at least in my case, but he just seemed like a really decent and honest guy, in an industry that's typically soaked in PR doublespeak even to their own employees. He was handsome, fit, laughed easily, with had a very subtle humor and a big smile if you could coax it out of him. Whatever it was, he had the magnetism that any politician or cult leader dreams of. He's since been pushed out of the company due to office politics and heartless budgetary decisions, and we all miss him.

The reason I bring it up is that for all these positive qualities, he always exuded an air of weariness. He oversaw a big team of people and typically worked at least as many hours as any of his employees, but it wasn't until he'd been forced out and I finally connected with him on LinkedIn that I learned that he's been a suicide prevention phone counselor in his free time for years. The guy who typically worked 50-60 hours a week and commonly came in on Saturdays (all on a salaried wage, mind) was still offering his time to help others with their depression.

It's so disheartening to know that there are genuinely good people out there willing to offer their time and support to those that need it, and for whatever reason, the ones that need it most don't reach out to ask for it.

TL;DR: I wish Robin Williams had picked up the phone and given Mark a call on Monday.
This goes to show that no amount of material wealth and success will cure depression. (I hope he wasn't involved in a sex act, but even if he was, that doesn't change the tragic nature of this terrible loss.)
Henry Winkler on Robin Williams's first appearance as Mork on Happy Days. I remember seeing this episode, and yes, Williams was electric. We probably all talked about the show at school the next day.…
@28 Yeah I do, there's a difference between stupid and clinical depression you fucking anal cyst
2 weeks ago I saw Robin Williams's house in Napa up for sale online somewhere, though now a quick search shows it's been for sale since 2012.

Such a beautiful property with a ton of interesting, personal features. It made me really sad to think about him selling it, for some reason. I hadn't thought much about him in years. Except to see the Slog slogging him on occasion. For the record, I will occasionally check out a celebrity's house for sale but I never feel badly. Even for Nicolas Cage.

@40 You assume that help works. It often doesn't.
@46 And why was it that Slog was slogging on him? I remember seeing him on the "enemies of slog" list and thinking: "that's weird. Why?" Was it because someone thought he was not funny and/or overrated? Because if that's all it takes, it ought to have been a much longer list.

@ 48, I think David Schmader was behind that and that it was based on a genuine dislike for him. Or possibly Dan Savage, who has posted a link to an article about how it's okay not to feel anything because Williams died. I don't know but Slog's authors have never been ones to praise him before.
@49, "Old Man Wiliams", Brendan called him.…

Also, what Cato said.
My personal favorite was the impossibly weird "Popeye".
Damnit, this Robin Williams thing keeps making me stop and just... stop. My yawp is not barbaric enough to handle this easily.

I keep thinking about those times I encountered him. He touched so many lives - I feel extraordinarily privileged that he managed to touch mine.

Yes, Robin Williams touched mine. Hold on, maybe I should rephrase that...…
@48 they're probably creeped out that Williams married a much younger woman. (See Erik Henriksen's review of Woody Allen's "Magic in the Moonlight".) The staff can't watch Fred Astaire movies anymore for that reason: In 1980 the 76-year-old dancer extraordinaire married a jockey 44 years his junior. But the age difference in Christopher Isherwood's and Don Bachardy's relationship, well that doesn't bear mentioning.
@52: It was brilliant. A live-action musical adaptation of Popeye with Robin Williams in the title role...and yet it WORKED.
@48 I have no idea. I defended RW a coupla times here at Slog. He was everything to me circa Mork and Mindy. And I loved a buncha movies he was in. Maybe what @49 said.