Sorry, Mark. Youre not allowed to act like men.
  • Sorry, Mark. You're not allowed to act like men.

Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll was scheduled to be a headliner at the upcoming Act Like Men conferences, a nationwide evangelical convention where men get together to talk about Christianity and manhood. Which makes sense: Everyone knows that manhood is Mark Driscoll's favorite subject. He can't stop talking about being a man, and how cool it is, and how difficult it is, and how awesome God thinks it is. It's fair to say, in fact, that Mark Driscoll has men on the brain, all the time. It's raining men in Driscoll-town!

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And so this has to sting: Warren Throckmorton notes that Driscoll's involvement has been scrubbed from the Act Like Men website and he is no longer appearing at the conference. Now that Driscoll and Mars Hill have been dumped from the Acts 29 Network, it seems as though Driscoll is becoming a pariah at multi-church evangelical gatherings. This omission has to hit Driscoll right in his most sensitive area: his manhood.

In other Mars Hill news, Throckmorton published a statement from a former Mars Hill staffer who suggests that the church administration could have knowingly misused Mars Hill Global funds for general church purposes, a charge that Throckmorton says should have gotten the church in trouble with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. "Ethiopian and Indian evangelists should have gotten millions in support" from Mars Hill, Throckmorton writes. "Instead they only got a tiny fraction."

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