Lving the dream.
  • Ryan Russell
  • Lving the dream.

There's a moment at the beginning of John Waters's 1990 cult classic film Cry-Baby where Johnny Depp's babely title character is radiating rebellion in full force. Dressed in a leather jacket with his name on the back, sunglasses midway down his nose, he leans up against a black car painted with red flames. As all-American, blond-ponytailed model student Allison walks down the steps of the school, Cry-Baby stares directly at her and lights a match with his teeth. "I'm so tired of being good," she sighs with longing. He puts the lit match into his mouth.

That sigh is how seeing Atlanta's rowdy rock 'n' roll band the Coathangers makes me feel. In matching denim jackets emblazoned with their band name, the ladies of the Coathangers are a hurricane of a band, using primitive howls, gang-style vocals, and manic energy to write gritty, menacing songs on topics like doomed love and Adderall...

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