Wesley Lowery, Washington Post Reporter Arrested in Ferguson, Tells His Story, with Video


If Warshington State cops have their way, them reporters, or anyone else, ain't gonna be allowed to tweet or photo…

...Seattle photographer Michael Holden said he saw a direct path between asking people not to share crime photos and eventually forbidding them to take them.

Holden said citizens have good reasons to take pictures of police, and he does not worry about criminals using social media to find out what law enforcement is doing.

“I think the criminals are probably having more pressing concerns than checking Twitter,” he said.
Seems to me that a major civil rights investigation is called for, not only for the death of the young man, but for the bald attempts to harass, arrest, and stop press coverage of law enforcement actions related to the ensuing protests.

I share the outrage of those watching what we're allowed to watch. The Fergusen police department needs a house-cleaning badly, and officers involved in these incidents need to be criminally charged.
Waiting for the Justice Department to step in.
They look like they are going to war against American citizens. Over equipped with bizarre amounts of weaponry. It's appalling and looks like a police state where none is needed. Why is this?
@3: Seriously, where is higher level leadership on this situation? The Ferguson PD can't be the end all be all of law enforcement in the town. They're obviously off the chain and leading themselves and the town down a path that will end in more tragedy.
There must be a sheriff in the county, but they aren't necessarily higher up, are they? How often does the King County Sheriff step into SPD business uninvited?

I would think Ferguson's mayor has the highest local authority.
Turns out, even actual military people are appalled. This isn't militarization, it's a grotesque parody of militarization. https://storify.com/AthertonKD/veterans-…
This is where the tea party is right. The overreach of the government is so blatant here. Where is the tea party during all of this?
Uniformed thugs.
Looks like the governor of MO has stepped in and will be relieving the police of their duties in Ferguson.
They'd look better in brown shirts black pants and jack boots. I mean we're just about there anyway so why not look the role?
Why don't the gun fetishists care when actual government tyranny rears its head?

This is the problem with giving too much authority to local governments. It was true of the Shays Rebellion when the Articles of Confederation failed to provide a means to contain protesters who shut down the courts, and it's true in Ferguson where the local police have rejected rule of law in favor of martial law. That's why the Tea Party and NRA aren't interested-- they want power concentrated in the hands of the person with the biggest weapon.
@8, @12, they're all down in Nevada with Clive Bundy. The contrast is startling. The white reaction -- mostly "what did you expect, we have to put down these looters" -- is less so, but even more disenheartening.

Combine Ferguson with the rabid nitwits on the border, and we're seeing a real race war in this country. Just look where the guns are always pointed.
A good old, new-fangled Police Riot. Designed to elicit the exact response from the people that the cops claim to be "suppressing". Now with heavy racist overtones! Good job Missouri!

Cops traditionally (at least in modern tradition) attempt to block or suppress reporters... these #Ferguson PD goons just don't have any finesse in pulling that off.

During the WTO, for merely one example, cops on armored cars would shine their searchlights directly at news cameras in an attempt to blind them, even damage them.

From what I've seen, TP'ers beef seems to be almost exclusively with federal law enforcement agencies - and of course, the ubiquitous OWO UN black helicopters. Local LEA's seem to get a pass, probably because: 1. they're more likely to be known in-person by locals, and; 2. scary black people.
this says it all

@8: I'm guessing that a fair number of the Officer McFriendlies with flak jackets and assault weapons are at least sympathetic to the Tea Party cause, if not active members.
@8 and 12,

They don't give a fuck when the victims are black people. They explicitly cheer this on when the victims are black people. Teabaggers and gun nuts are solely worried about the power of the state being used against white people. And that, folks, is basically the definition of fascism.