These guys, again?
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  • These guys, again?

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That's right, Slog, you thought your long national nightmare was on hiatus for another couple months, but I am happy to report that it's not. The Seahawks started the preseason by losing 21-16 to the Denver Broncos at Mile High last week. I missed this game because I was on an airplane. But by all accounts, the Broncos were out for blood. They needed that psychological win, so they left their first-stringers in longer and the grasp for straws worked.

All the young dudes were out there to prove themselves and maybe or maybe not give each other concussions. Other than that, there was a scuffle for which Seahawks corner back Tharold Simon, who has yet to secure a roster spot, was ejected; a lightning delay; and a terrible field. The day of the game, the Denver Post ran "It Matters" across their front page, because, you know, nobody puts a lot of stock in preseason games. Denver fans need all the hope they can get in this troubling time.

In other Seahawks news, running back Marshawn Lynch was recently accused of going Beast Mode on a lady and some of the lady's property in Bellevue. The charges were summarily dropped after the police determined they were unfounded. This all reportedly stemmed from a tweet that Lynch had been arrested early Sunday morning, an assertion that Bellevue Police were quick to refute. The Seahawks released a statement saying the charges were "bogus."

From Seattle P.I.:

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The alleged incident occurred during Seahawks training camp, at which the NFL team’s players stay at a Bellevue hotel and are subject to a curfew. ESPN reported Wednesday that the Seahawks provided proof to the Bellevue P.D. that Lynch had been in his hotel room at the time of the alleged incident.

Lynch had initially planned to skip the mandatory training camp in an attempt to go Beast Mode on his current contract, which he signed two years ago at $30 million for four years. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed in all scenarios, so he can just go Beast Mode on his job. At 28, Lynch is considered "old" in NFL terms. If you are interested, the Seahawks play another exhibition game against the San Diego Chargers tonight at 7. Or you could just go out, because everybody knows these games don't matter.